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Am I the only one who gets anxious when it comes to new fandoms?

I'm having one of those new fandom freak-outs where I don't even want to finish my story because I probably will never post it :/ Does anyone else get the new!fandom jitters? I feel like people may be squicked by the premise and won't even read it. I swear it's not really bad. It's inspired by Mysterious Skin which, awesome book, awesomely sad movie, but not everyone's brand of beer.

Am I the only idiot who gets this way? I was apart of the Jackass fandom for SO long and then Supernatural/J2 and it's been like five years since I've had to 'start new'. I'm like a puppy (pun intended) I hate this feeling. This is what kept me from participating in the Merlin fandom, but oh the FEELS Teen Wolf gives me and all the bunnies! They hop high!

Damn you Derek and damn you Stiles!

Never mind me. I get cray-cray.
Tags: derek/stiles, teen wolf
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