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What do you like in a fic? Can we have a discussion?

So, lovely flist full of people I never talk to anymore: what's your favorite trope?

Some of my favorites include:

(oh my sweet Dugera, how I miss thee :( )
1.) BFF/Childhood: friends growing up together, slowly realizing that they are in love with each other, or one silently pines for the other, assuming that it's a one-sided thing, just to end in hot!sexy times.

Random stock.
2.) Bully/Nerd: where the popular jock picks on the nerdy!smart kid because the jock has a shitload of confusing feelings and doesn't understand why the small kid with the big glasses and loud laugh makes his stomach flip. I love it when the bullying has been, like a lifelong thing from grade-school to high school and high school is where THE FEELS COME IN!

Hello Tower Prep. What a slashy show, too bad you got canceled!
3.) Drastically Different Appearances: where one looks either extremely masculine, almost machismo and the other slightly fey, very slender, delicate, but still very much a macho guy.  This goes along with my Bully/Nerd kink. And height differences or different hair colors etc, just obvious physical differences.

Sterek is my new obsession. It's kind of unhealthy :/
4.) Hate-to-Love: I think one of my FAVORITE tropes/cliches is when two characters just despise each other in the beginning, like down right hate almost because they don't know anything about the other person and then BAM!circumstance comes along and they slowly realize that the hate was just misdirected UST and then there's feelings, guys: FEELINGS!

Oh Sterek how I heart thee, especially when you're both paralyzed (bad Kanima!) and stuck next to each other for hours.
5.) Strangers!Enemies!Trapped!: I love it when two characters are trapped in a place, like in a closet or left on an island or stuck in an elevator and forced to communicate or go crazy!

Again..tower prep...oh what could have been Gabe and Ian!
6.) Boarding school friends/The cool guy and the not!cool friend: Just...enough said. Look at the pic!

These are just some of the things that I like! What about you?

Themes in fic I enjoy:

I love darker fics.  I had some not so cool things happen to me growing up (don't cry for me, totally over it) so, in a way, I kind of deal with it is through fic. Like, the darker and almost disturbing, the better. It's kind of therapeutic in a way. But there has to be resolution. Like if it's non-con or a kid being abused or even serial killers, I need the victim to come through it. I need the abuser to face justice.  I need the killer to come to terms with their evil, to pinpoint a place in their life that made them that way. It just can't, for me, be random disturbing acts just for the sake of being sensational. NEED there to be resolution, no matter how long it takes.

I also really love schmoop, like long, well-written fic where it's just all around sweetness, no major angst and the only obstacle is trying to figure out if the love is one-sided or mutual. Those type of fics are just THE BEST. Romcoms for the win!

So...what about you? What themes do you enjoy reading?

(I also need more Teen Wolf fans on my flist...where do I find them? I tried Tumblr, but Tumblr is too difficult to learn lol)
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