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Beta needed

Beta needed for a Derek/Stiles high school AU. It's only 4k now, by the time it's over it'll probably be about 15-20k. I'm posting as a one-shot and should be done by the weekend if I can manage my time correctly. It's really a fluff piece, minimal angst, no dark themes because I needed to write something light and fun.

Summary: Derek and Stiles meet when they are kids, grow up as best friends until they get to middle school, which is when special feelings start coming in to play and Derek freaks out and they don't speak again until they get thrown together in high school and yeah, it's really just inspired by this scene HERE because yeah...that screamed Sterek to me.(also that's my tumblr so if you've got one too, holla at your girl)

So yeah, can someone please beta for me? Or point me to where I can find one.  Gratzi!

Tags: beta, derek/stiles
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