Lady M (apostrophee) wrote,
Lady M

Fandom nostalgia

I’ve been feeling nostalgic lately and going back through old fics (omg I’m in love with J2 again lol) and communities I used to love and man I gotta say it’s kind of depressing how abandoned everything is. Have we all just outgrown live journal? The lost boys no more are we. We’re official grown ups? Why does that mean growing out of fandom?

This place was such a huge part of my life. I made so many friends, shared good times, perfected the art of “squeeing”. And man, it’s just that easy feeling, and comfort, fandom gave me is not here, not anymore.

It’s like your high school closed down so you wander the halls, aimless, looking at old announcements hanging on cork boards and dusty hallways littered with trash. This isn’t how you want it to be remembered and it breaks your heart a little.

So is life, I guess.

If anyone is still around this ghost town, pop in and say hello.
Tags: 3 gay things, fandom tales, fandompimping, fanfic, i fangirl fangirls, j hearts j, j2, j2 confidential, j2ing again, jared, jensen
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